There is a group of people who believe that blog commenting is no longer a part of SEO strategy and it isn’t as useful today as it used to have some time back. Although it is true that most of the comments on the blog are kept under the “no follow” substance, connotations that search engine crawlers will not consider it for ranking factor straightaway. There is still a silent significance of such blog commenting. Managing “no follow” links in good amount makes your link portfolio little natural, which holds some attention of search spiders as well. However, blog commenting also have some advantage beyond link building. Participating and commenting on industry oriented blog gives a way to notice your knowledge and promote your business as well. It can generate a traffic to your website based on the quality of your blog comment and it’s appearance.

Facebook in realty can be used to bring more leads, opportunities and positive awareness amongst your customers. However, you cannot use Facebook for your organization the same way you are using for yourself in real life. For professional use of Facebook, it needs to have clear and defined social strategy about communicating to people, floor plan about how to execute and implement your brand message to your customers and well designed graphics and stories that not only inspire people to like but also motivate them to share with others. There are many other things that require doing on a regular bases and certainly not a thing that everyone can do for promoting a brand or business online.

Creating a Facebook Fan Page is the easiest part of Facebook marketing campaign. But once the ice is broken with your customers, it can be difficult to get innovative ideas that can grab the attention and encourage others to interact on your page. At Brand Core Media, as a Facebook Marketing Company we know that getting fans to be active and interact on your wall is the best way to turn them as your customers and create loyalty as well.

Few days back, Facebook has revealed some changes to their privacy policy settings. And as expected this has created a lot swirl amongst the one billion users worldwide. However, before making such statements and getting into the trouble we should know what all these changes are and is there any matter to really worrying about. For know we need to wait for the changes that are coming for implementation in next few weeks, once that roll out with full membership, we will be able to tell the spectrum of reach. Some of the important changes in Facebook privacy policy are mentioned below.

Pinterest is getting hotter for every blogger around the world. By now most of us are aware about this social media site related to image search and quick pins related to image bookmarking. Started few years back and already into the core group of top 50 websites in US, Pinterest is now in a buzz again as it allows business pages to float on it’s platform. Every blogger and Internet marketing professional is looking to optimize Pinterest, do you know why? There are certain reason like offering targeted traffic through creative images to your website for searchers and also providing high PR do-follow links that can boost any blog or website with viral traffic.

Web design and development project starts with many critical decisions that require to be answered in the beginning. Finding the finest Ahmedabad web design company is one of the first things that people follow usually when they are building a website from such location. It gives best control over the different design and development phases and speed up the process as well. However, choosing the right platform in terms of Content Management System (CMS) for your website is equally important as choosing the right web design agency with excellent technical competency.

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